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I'm So Tired!

By: A Right now, I feel like I could crawl up in our bed and slept for a whole month! Yesterday, we had to wake up at 4:30 A.M. and catch the car to the airport because we had to get onto a plane to get to Nice. The plane ride was only about an hour so it wasn't too bad. But, then there was the ride to the hotel which was about 30 minutes long, and I slept through the whole thing!
When we got to the hotel, everyone was really nice and they took us to our room. When we got to our room, it was kind of surprising to see only one king sized bed, instead of the two queen sized beds we usually get. Once we got our things settled, we went to get some lunch at the hotel restaurant. Then, we had to get in a minivan to start our tour around Nice. The first stop was the Russian Orthodox Church. I think it's crazy how the Russians say that once you step inside the gate, you're on Russian territory, even though the church was built in Europe! Next, we went to a really old church called the monastrey of Notre-Dame that was built in the 12th century. And get this, the church still looked brand new! Next to the church was a garden made in the 9th century. Inside the monastry, K and I lit two candles (as we always do). After that, we went to a chocolate factory where we got to see how they made chocolate with fruit and flower petals. We even got to sample some in the shop as we wished! Some of the canddies were made from rose, lilac, and snow peas. They also had canndied fruits which included cherries, clementines, lemon, orange, and rhubarbs. Our next stop was to go to the man-made water fall. It was huge and to get to the dry part next to it, you had to cross the section where water splashed on you and got you wet. Our last stop was the town square where we got some souvenirs to remember Nice and Monte Carlo. In the square, there was an antuqie convention. Unfortunetly, there was no time left to get anything else because we had to get back to the hotel.
For dinner, we ate at a cafè. After that, we walked back to our hotel and ate some chocolate from the factory we went to that day. Now, after the long day, I'm happy to say that I can finally curl up in bed and fall fast asleep.90_0AEDA7162219AC6817A9196B160E95A1.jpg90_0AF43E2D2219AC6817C1B531F37E3D57.jpg90_0AF8C0C12219AC681721DBE24531D1D1.jpg90_0AFE3B492219AC6817E699025EDBD7AF.jpg90_0B126D322219AC68178F3D75341F88D6.jpg

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Walk, Walk, Walk

overcast 60 °F

By K: Yay! My wish finally came true. Yesterday, at 9:30 AM, we were on the elevator heading to the first floor of the Eiffel Tower. I've always wanted to go. Two years ago, we thought that we were, but we didn't. Last year, we were planning to go, but had to cancel because our mom got Brest Cancer. That was why we decided to wear pink today-to say that we made it and our mom was cancer-free. We walked around, took some pictures, and then took the elevator to the top floor of the tower. When we got up their, we saw our friends that had been waiting for us for about 30 minutes. We took some pictures up there and then went to the elevator to go to the bottom.

After visiting the Eiffel Tower, we got on a train going to Versailles and met our private tour guide. He took us to grab a bite, and then we started walking to the Palace of Versailles. The Palace of Versailles (Chateau de Versailles) was built by King Louis XIV in the 17th century. He built it as a hunting lodge and to 'show-off' to his friends. We toured about 15 rooms. Each room had a painting with a Greek/Roman god or goddess on the ceiling, and we had fun trying to guess which god/goddess it was. Then we went to see the garden and Marie Antoinette's private house, called Petit Trianon. We also learned from the guide that Marie Antoinette was hated so much by the French people during the Revolution, two of her best friends were beheaded before she was, and she was shown the heads to make her suffer. Overall, Versailles was bigger than I had expected, and we walked more than 4 miles!

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Loire Valley

overcast 46 °F

By K: Today, we were moving quickly. We hd to wake up at 5:00 AM and had to leave the hotel at around 6:30 AM to catch our 7:45 AM train ride to Tours, France. The seats were confortable, which was good, because it was a one hour ride. When we got to Tours, we met our private tour guide, and she led us to her van.

The first place we visited was Chateau De Chenonceau. It was built in the 16th century over a river and housed many rich families. King Henri II gave it to his love, Diane de Poitiers, although he was married to Catherine de Medici. Diane added a garden and a bridge. When King Henry II died in a jousting contest due to a lance to the eye, Catherine de Medici became ruler and removed Diane, her 'enemy', from Chateau De Chenonceau. Another person that lived in the chateau was Marguerite Pelouze. She loved the chateau so much, that she asked that when she died, if she could be burried in the chapel in the chateau. Unfortunately, she ran out of money and had to sell Chateau De Chenonceau before she died. Her 'trapdoor' that she had built there for her body is still there today, but it is still empty.

After that, we went to eat lunch at Salon de The. It is in a cozy, small town near the Chateau De Amboise. The lunch was amazing, and the dessert was even better! We had chocolate bears with marshmallow inside, salted caramel, and truffles. It was delicious!

After lunch, we went to Chateau De Amboise. It used to be a giant castle, but much of it was destroyed. Leonardo Da Vinci was buried there because he spent a lot of his life in Amboise and was a friend of King Francois I. His body was buried somewhere outside, but once it was discovered, the bones were moved to a chapel that was some yards away.

The last chateau we went to was the Chateau of Chambord. It is the second largest chateau in the world. The interior (right when you walk in) is a 'keep' and has a double spiral staircase. You can go up the stairs on different paths and look at each other through the windows on the way up, but you will never meet that person on the staircase. This was mainly a hunting chateau, but King Francois I and his sons, Henry II and Louis XIV, may have used it to show off. However, if you get to the roof, the view is spectacular, and you won't be disappointed at what you see.

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The City of Love

rain 45 °F

By K: Scramblig people, the subway, warm crepes, good friends, a McDonald's Happy Meal, rain, Notre Dame, a delectable ham omelet, the Louvre Museum, mummies, and Mona Lisa-all of these things are what we experienced today after we got off the train from Brussels. Once we got to the Paris subway stop, we met our chaffeur, and he drove us to our hotel. Once we got inside the hotel, we saw our friends from America and went to eat brunch with them. We then went back to our hotel room to get washed up. We took a shower, brushed our teeth, and washed our face. After all, we had been on the plane overnight and slept in our cloths from the other day. Once we fixed ourselves up, we met with our friends again and headed to the metro train station, where we took the train to Notre Dame. A and I got to light a candle inside the giant church. After that, we ate dinner inside of the Louvre, and then, we went to look at the art pieces. We saw paintings, mummies, and sculptures. We even saw Mona Lisa! But I have to say, she isn't as glamorous as I had expected. The painting was small, and the picture was, well, just a picture. Even though, I had a great time today and can't wait for tomorrow's glorious suprises to be revealed!

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On the Train

We made it to Brussels and we are on the train to get to Paris

overcast 39 °F

By: A
We made it to Brussels, and I'm glad to be off the plane. But once we got off of the plane, we had to wait in a line that seemed like it went on forever for them just to put a stamp on our passports. After that, we had to get onto a train. At first, I was a little peckish about going on it, but now that we are on the train, I wish I could do it every day! It's really luxurious, with velvet seats that have buttons on the sides to turn on lights and to move the seat foward and backward. The train also has a lamp with a button where you can turn it on by slicing your finger up and, you can turn it off by slicing your finger down. The chairs also have a table in front of them so you can eat, read, or, I guess, blog easily on your i-Pad (like what I'm doing right now). The ride will take about 2 hours so I'm pretty happy! Once we get off in Paris, we'll go to our hotel, get things settled, and clean ourselfs up a bit. We're planning to meet some of our good friends today at our hotel or somewhere else. Right now, I have this excited feeling that I can't control. I'm not sure if it's the luxury of the train, or if it's that we're going to meet friends. Whatever it is, I really enjoy it. In other words, I'm ready to get this trip going!

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On The Plane

By K and A: We finally made it onto the plane! We are siting in our seats, waiting to get on the runway. When we get to Brussels, we will get on a train for Paris. We're ready for take-off!

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Only one more day until we leave for Europe! I'm really excited, but nervous at the same time. Sleeping on a plane is not my most favorite thing to do! Our suitcases are full, but we still have more to bring. I'm sure we can manage! Let's see... we have tooth brushes, tooth paste, clothes, books, shampoos, etc. This 9 hour flight will be nothing compared to the 16 hour flight to China! We're ready to go to Europe! By: A




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Packing for the trip

90% complete

rain 75 °F

We've almost finished packing for our summer vacation. The weather looks like it will be a mix of sun and rain and the temperatures are a mild, but not hot (mid-50's to mid-60's in France; low 70' in Italy). Plus, a lot of the museums and attractions in Italy require your knees and shoulders to be covered. That means jeans! Ugh!

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Scheduling tours

We've got about 1/2 the tours scheduled so far - Monaco & Italy; just need some for Paris & the Loire Valley! A little less than 2 months til we take off!

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